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Relationship Sovereignty

The Sovereignty Seminars 2: Relationship Sovereignty (Replay) MP4 Video

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  • Featuring: Greg Paul
  • Presentation: Webinar
  • Length: 2 Hours 24 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • FormatMP4 Video H.264 / AVC Codec 720p
  • File Size: 2.27gb


Would you like support to transcend wounds, limiting beliefs and massive interference to chart your course with the Planet herself and live your own unique sovereign destiny? Would you like the tools to ground this sovereign ethic in your life and relationships?

How to maintain and develop your own power through the many relationships life offers (primary relationships, colleagues, friends, children, even our relationship to life itself).

The time of the great divide is here – each of us feel the cracks widen each day. What realities await us are determined by how we actually show up, and the Truthfulness of the choices we make and actions we take. Nothing less and nothing more.

So how do we manifest a sovereign existence - how do we step out of the visible and invisible prisons we have agreed to reside within? We come together and look reality squarely in the eyes; and we evolve individually by choosing to experience ourselves as response-able for where we stand.

Will you continue along the path well-trodden, or find the courage to ride the road not taken which calls longingly to each of us? It is time to declare ourselves.

If so, don't miss Greg Paul and this second Sovereignty Seminar. We will be gathering with like-minded/hearted people from around the world, united by the call to collectively step up to embody our authentic sovereign expression.

Greg Paul is a young man who has the courage to live the Truth as he perceives it. His passion is to embody the Truth that sets all of us free. This passion, heart and strength are a true inspiration. Greg has the courage to step into himself, each moment, regardless of the cost – something we all must learn to do. Beyond right or wrong, beyond good and bad, he and those who join ranks in the awakening community are at the fork in the road. Which choice will you make?

The major success of the first Seminar was the remarkable field and sense of community that organically manifested on a scale none of us could ever have expected - we want to build on that community ethic and in that spirit are delighted to welcome to the family anyone who resonates with this deep call for freedom and community. 


  • Anyone who is ready to live a truly authentic life from a place of Pure Truth.
  • Anyone who desires to catalyse meaningful change in the world.
  • Those who are a part of an existing sovereignty movement (freemen, sovereign citizens etc.) and who sense that something may be missing from their ‘process’.
  • Those who have already crossed the self-realisation Rubicon but perceive that their efforts of creative self-expression remain limited by the power structures of the world.



Greg is a young bold man looking at the Matrix with the understanding that we are already sovereign and free. We just need to take those steps into our authentic embodiment and unlock our voice to speak our love and truth. The Emperor has no clothes and millions are fully aware of it, and even those in government, military and powerful middle management positions are at the tipping point. The ball is truly in our court now as the energetics shift to support us more than ever.  When we know how to seamlessly embody justice and truth in our lives we find that we really can ‘Rise Together’. Greg is a genius at this and is now stepping forward to mentor others in this instinctive ability he carries.

In 2011 he joined forces with Sacha Stone with whom he has since co-created multiple initiatives including the New Earth Project and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ). Greg is largely responsible for the conception and establishment of New Earth Nation – a sovereign jurisdiction co-founded by men, women and nations of the world in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition.

Viewer Expectation:

Our events are held in webinar conference centers. These are different to conventional webinars, which are more of a passive experience. While internet connections of the servers and of the individual panellists are beyond our control, every effort possible is made to uphold the highest quality for recordings.

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