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Healing Inner Wounds

Tools For Transition Part 9: Healing Inner Wounds (Workshop) MP3 Audio

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  • Featuring: Carla Fox
  • Presentation: Workshop
  • Length: 2 Hour 14 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 Audio 128k Stereo
  • File Size: 122mb


An Experiential Workshop with Carla Fox

One of the most common pieces of advice that Carla Fox gives to her students and clients is the need to create and maintain an inner connection. Before this connection can be established in a consistent and ongoing way, certain inner wounds must be addressed and healed.

“Healing Inner Wounds” will offer the “tools” and this workshop will be the healing of your Inner Baby and Inner Child.

If your start in life was less than ideal, you may have a very shaky energetic foundation that will affect you the rest of your life. Any trauma from conception through birth could include medical issues, being a surprise or unwanted pregnancy, your mother being in unsafe or unhealthy conditions when she was pregnant with you, or any number of other issues. Working with your Inner Baby is the solution to re-patterning and healing these traumas.

On the other hand, your Inner Child holds your divine imprinting and connects you to your higher guidance, while at the same time, he or she holds the energetic memory of all of your early life traumas. Once the embracing and healing of your Inner Child is well under way, this inner aspect of self can become the most excellent source of guidance that you will ever have.

During this 2 hour workshop, Carla will cover some basic teachings on the nature of both of these aspects of self. You will then be led through several guided exercises that will assist you in making contact with and healing both the Baby and the Child. As always we look forward to a warm community filled QA to rest assure questions that may arise for you. This is very important work that will serve you well into the future, and will also support your spiritual evolution in every way.

Series topics for future workshops may include.

  • Expanding the core essence, including gratitude and appreciation energy practice
  • Chakra removal
  • Dissolving the bubble of the LEF (luminous energy field)
  • Inner child
  • Clarifying the DNA and what to expect when the DNA goes away
  • Shadow work
  • Shamanic practices for living
  • Energy clearing exercises that you can do at home
  • And much more, including some guided journeys out into the cosmos

Carla’s goal is to give you real tools for recognizing and moving beyond what holds you back in your life. Her work has helped many people re-claim their authentic selves with more clarity, wholeness and healing on a personal level.

Viewer Expectation:

Our events are held in webinar conference centers. These are different to conventional webinars, which are more of a passive experience. While internet connections of the servers and of the individual panellists are beyond our control, every effort possible is made to uphold the highest quality for recordings.

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