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The Knights Training Academy: Class 4 - Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session (Workshop) MP4 Video

The Knights Training Academy: Class 4 - Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session (Workshop) MP4 Video

$25.00 USD

      • FeaturingLaura Lee Mistycah
      • Presentation: Workshop
      • Length: Class: 1 Hour 39 Minutes / Exercise: 33 Minutes
      • Language: English
      • Format: MP4 Video H.265 720p
      • File Size: 2.34 gb



*NOTE: You will get 2 videos when purchasing this class. One full version of the class and the other with just the 33 minute Kryahgenetics Timeline Soul Retrieval Method extracted to use by its self once you have watched the class video.

When we experience a severe trauma, 90% of the time parts of us get shattered and stuck “somewhere in time.” We move on and forward but the trauma and the “ghost of the past” continue to haunt us, even though we have pushed the experience out of our conscious mind for self-preservation. You may not even remember some of the trauma consciously. The energies of the trauma continue to run through your nervous system like a background program that loops over and over. This of course, over years can make you literally sick and twisted.

Many of the therapies today make you go back and “relive that trauma” in order to deal with it. Some of these therapies make you relive the ordeal over and over in hopes of flattening the bump in the road. Many times we feel that it was so horrific the first time, who in their right mind would want to go back and relive it again!? (Only a hard core masochist would do that, right???)

After decades of studying, going to myriads of classes and trying new methods, I developed an extremely effective procedure using the Kryahgenetics Egg that is actually fun!

It is fun and exciting because you get a different soul-serving perspective on the experience while you collect your shattered or damaged pieces, clean them up, and have them re-installed. You don’t have to relive all the hideous pain and suffering again, you just sit back and watch your Higher Self take over and do all the work! The “Ah Hahhh’s” you get from this perspective are absolutely mind altering …

… only this time in a good, empowering way!

I have used this method on many people who were MK Ultra programmed. These people whose pieces and psyche were deliberately shattered in order to reprogram them to be subservient to their “handlers.”

This method using the Kryahgenetics Egg is EXTREMELY effective in overriding the handler’s imprints and access to your mind, giving you back your memories, your life and your power!

Come and be a part of this class. You will feel safe because I will be there to assist in case one of you gets “stuck” and needs a lift.

NOTE: I don’t recommend people do this work by themselves the first time, as it can be a bit tricky till you get to know your way around and how to navigate through time.


  • Explanation of other methods of trauma release Laura Lee uses: Rapid Eye Therapy (R.E.T.) &  Kryahgenetics (AKA “Boo Therapy”.)
  • Stories of “Pets” that were healed by using timeline techniques.
  • Find out what is in your own personal “Treasure Chest!”.
  • Timeline session instructions –3 different stops to fix issues.​
  • Recorded Live interactive Q&A.

  • Bonus: Kryahgenetics Timeline Soul Retrieval Method Document.
  • Bonus: Kryahgenetics Timeline Soul Retrieval Method Meditation - 33 Minute separate video.
    *Prerequisites do not apply but are advised. See Overview.




    The Knights Training Academy

    Rise Multiversity is delighted to host Laura Lee Mistycah’s “Knights Training Academy”. This is an accelerated program for you to shine up your armor and get ready to have your X-Men abilities turned on.

    These classes will aid you in connecting to and comprehending your True Soul Essence. The Knights training will give you the tools and help you to develop the skill sets to complete your mission and reason for coming to Earth. This is the first time Laura Lee Mistycah has put her classes online. She is joining forces with Rise Multiversity to advance your ability to stay stabilized, centered, sane and effective as you Rise and co-create the next human genome, complete with its upgraded divine blueprint.

    Knights In Training ... Begin Your Quest.

    See Full Academy Information & Live Dates For Future Classes.


    The Knights Training Academy: Prerequisites




    Laura Lee has studied and taught for decades as a ghost buster and Weird Sh*t expert bringing her brilliant skills as an “intuitive scanner” to finally uncover aspects of psychic targeting that I have never experienced with any other person I have ever met.

    She has honed her intuitive skills for over 20 years of daily work surfing the worlds to retrieve soul aspects of herself and others, trapped in dimensions we have not known about. I have spent the summer working with her on my students and on myself and I am very impressed and encouraged that this collaboration will bring healing that has not been available until now.

    See Mentor Page.

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