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The Knights Training Academy: Class 5 - Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training (Workshop) MP4 Video

The Knights Training Academy: Class 5 - Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training (Workshop) MP4 Video

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      • FeaturingLaura Lee Mistycah
      • Presentation: Workshop
      • Length: Class: 1 Hour 17 Minutes
      • Language: English
      • Format: MP4 Video H.265 720p
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As we move through the day to day stresses in our lives, we can unknowingly attract or pick up and embed electro-magnetic debris from our environment, and also the people around us. In addition to this, we can create this kind of garbage ourselves from our negative hostile thoughts and also the reactions to our experiences. When this energy builds up, it can make us fatigued, restless, irritable, depressed, or even disoriented. Eventually, if this energy embeds into our physical body, it can cause aching, soreness, or hypersensitivity in the tissues.

Laura Lee Mistycah developed this method of “energy eviction” during her years as a reflexologist and having many “close encounters” with body workers. It came to head when one therapist started pulling the debris off - starting at the shoulder and going down toward the hand. It felt sooo good to finally have this energy pulled out, but then... the therapist reversed the direction and pushed it all back up to the shoulder and left it there! This was the impetus for this full method to be developed and perfected to what it is today.

Another method Laura Lee developed is a "Compression Rotation & Vibration Technique" that if done correctly, can give instant pain relief.

You can even do it on yourself!

You will learn not only these methods but also see firsthand a demonstration in how “Directional Non-Force Chiropractic” and “Muscle Skeletal Balancing” works.

This is the last class in the Knights Training Academy.

This method, believe it or not, can also be done remotely and on animals with excellent outcomes!

Note: Aulmauracite Rocks or pendant are mandatory for this class as you will be putting the debris into the rocks for neutralization instead of (as some therapists do) flicking it off and into the room which then pollutes the room and puts you at risk of getting the debris stuck on you again!

Debris sweeping for stress and pain release is one more magickal tool you will acquire to put in your Knights tool chest. (Kind of like being a first responder/paramedic for someone else who is in trauma or pain, and you can be the “rescue remedy!”)​


  • Learn how to get not just stresses, but debilitating psychic and other electromagnetic debris/goo off people and animals.
  • Learn the "Compression Rotation & Vibration Technique".
  • A demonstration in “Directional Non-Force Chiropractic” and “Muscle Skeletal Balancing
  • Recorded Live interactive Q&A.

  • Bonus: -A Message From Hal- Document.
  • Bonus: The Secret Behind Butt Dust Document.
  • Bonus: Debris Sweeping Document.
    *Prerequisites do not apply but are advised. See Overview.




    The Knights Training Academy

    Rise Multiversity is delighted to host Laura Lee Mistycah’s “Knights Training Academy”. This is an accelerated program for you to shine up your armor and get ready to have your X-Men abilities turned on.

    These classes will aid you in connecting to and comprehending your True Soul Essence. The Knights training will give you the tools and help you to develop the skill sets to complete your mission and reason for coming to Earth. This is the first time Laura Lee Mistycah has put her classes online. She is joining forces with Rise Multiversity to advance your ability to stay stabilized, centered, sane and effective as you Rise and co-create the next human genome, complete with its upgraded divine blueprint.

    Knights In Training ... Begin Your Quest.

    See Full Academy Information & Live Dates For Future Classes.


    The Knights Training Academy: Prerequisites




    Laura Lee has studied and taught for decades as a ghost buster and Weird Sh*t expert bringing her brilliant skills as an “intuitive scanner” to finally uncover aspects of psychic targeting that I have never experienced with any other person I have ever met.

    She has honed her intuitive skills for over 20 years of daily work surfing the worlds to retrieve soul aspects of herself and others, trapped in dimensions we have not known about. I have spent the summer working with her on my students and on myself and I am very impressed and encouraged that this collaboration will bring healing that has not been available until now.

    See Mentor Page.

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