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Note: While Rise Multiversity does not offer specific technical support for computer or devices it will do what it can to co-operate with you to troubleshoot.

  • I Paid But I Did Not Receive A Link.

Your unique download link is on the screen after you successfully complete checkout. It is also on your email receipt, which is issued automatically. Please check your inbox and spam folder before contacting us. Links are always automatically delivered.

  • I Had Problems With The Download Link.

Please troubleshoot your own device/computer. There may be an issue with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your Wi-Fi/3g/4g connection. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to download around peak times. It may also be the case that the vendor (Shopify) is experiencing high usage.

If you still can’t download the files after troubleshooting, we will provide an alternative solution for you. Your cooperation in this process is necessary so that we can ensure you receive your purchase.

  • I Cannot Get The Download To Work On My Device / Computer.

1. Please read the file format information on the product page before purchasing. Do not purchase a product if you cannot playback the file on your computer/device. This is not the responsibility of Rise Multiversity. Refunds/Exchanges cannot be done for these reasons.

Note: Audios are in standard issue MP3 Format. Videos are in standard issue MP4 format encoded in H.264 / ACV, typically in 720p resolution. Please read the product page(s) for the codec and format information. It is not Rise Multiversity's responsibility if you do not have a computer/device/software to playback these files.

2. In addition, while it's unsual playback issues may occur, please check that file completed downloading before contacting us.




  • I Arrived Late / I Didn't Recieve A Link.

It is not the responsibility of Rise Multiversity if you arrive late for a live event/group/workshop/course. The time and date is specified on the ticket page as well on the Confirmation Email. This email has everything you need in order to attened. After the checkout process has been successfuly completed, you are directed to a Confirmation Page, letting you know to look for the Confirmation Email in your inbox.

As stated on the Confirmation Page, if you do not have your Confirmation Email (which is automatically delivered) you are to contact us. In addition, it is always suggested to attend no earlier than 30 minutes before start time to ensure you are set up.


  • I Had Technical Issues While In The Event.

Rise Multiversity staff work to ensure during the registration process that attendees are connected. During this time please be patient as we deal with last minute emails and replies to support you. Please read your Confirmation Email for troubleshooting information to assist you. In addition, it is advised that to avoid dissapointment to call the USA toll free Technical Support line (which you can find on your Confirmation Email) for anything specific to do with your computer/device if we are unable to reply to you in time for the event.


  • My Computer/Device Does Not Meet The System Requirements.

Please read the ticket page for system requirement information before purchasing a ticket/registration. It is not the responsibility of Rise Multiversity if you do not have a computer/device that meets those requierments to attend an event/group/workshop/course.