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For downloadable products and Online events/groups/workshops/groups, Rise Mutliversity does not offer exchanges for downloadable products or services.

For in person events/groups/workshops/groups please read the individual item page's terms and conditions or contact the organiser.


Due to the nature of downloadable products and services, the majority of outlets do not offer refunds or exchanges for obvious reasons. Rise Multiversity however offers refunds for downloadable products and services only under a very limited set of conditions;

  • I Have Paid But Changed My Mind.
You are entitled to change your mind only if you have not downloaded the item(s). Claims should be made within 7 working days from purchase. Our services can verify whether a digital product has been downloaded.

We will make reasonable efforts to offer troubleshooting advice. Rise Multiversity does not offer specific technical support for computer or devices or ISP related issues. Please read the product description(s) before purchase.


  • I Donated By Mistake / I Donated Through A Product Or Service.

Donations are to be made using the donation button, link or specific product page, on the Rise Multiversity website(s) or Shop. Donations made cannot be used for external exchanges or favours on "name/choose your price" related products or services throughout Rise Multiversity. Please use the appropriate product page(s) or ticket page(s) in order to pay for a product or service and please use the appropriate button, link or specific product page for donations.

If you have made an error in donating (donating in the correct manner) , please contact us within 7 working days of the donation. We will refund the donation with an administration fee of 10% to cover the fees involved.



Refunds/Exchanges cannot be given for tickets/registrations. Please ensure you have read the system requirements on the ticket page and that your computer/device is sufficient before purchasing a ticket/registering. Also ensure you have sufficient and stable internet access for a multimedia rich webinar/meeting environment.

Rise Multiversity is not responsible for any mods, addons or plug ins on your computer/device which you may have, that may cause unexpected issues connecting to an online event/workshop/group/course. Please call the techincal support line provided in your Confirmation Email after purchase.

Note: While refunds/exchanges are not possible, Rise Multiversity always honours a replay to all paying attendees (see specific ticket page for details).




  • I Have Paid For A Ticket But Have Changed My Mind.

For these types of events, please read the Terms and Conditions on the specific ticket/product page in question. Different events/workshops/groups/courses will have their own policies as they all vary. Please ensure you have read those Terms or have contacted the organiser before purchasing.