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Chris Kehler Live: Endgame Special 2020 (Workshop) MP4 Video

Chris Kehler Live: Endgame Special 2020 (Workshop) MP4 Video

$25.00 USD

  • Featuring: Chris Kehler
  • Presentation: Workshop
  • Length: 1 Hour 8 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP4 Video H.264 720p
  • File Size: 1.02gb

Rise Multiversity presents: Our Endgame Special Support Series.
Join us for a group healing with Chris Kehler.

This event clearing will focus on ascension updates, DNA updates with 5G protection intent and DNA clearing of virus G-nomes.

Here is your first Rise Multiversity Engame special series event number one – offering healing gatherings to support you with options you will not find anywhere else at this time. We wish to support you with effective tools, information, presence, love, care and a place to share what is in your heart to make happen now. Calm the frenzy and get focused on your healing.

In this time of forced isolation we now more than ever need to Rise together, affirm our divine inheritance, clear the attack and distortion, recover our essence and build our warriorship skills as truth love warriors responding in reality. We need to uplift our vibrations and hold zero point through thick and thin. Anything else leaves us vulnerable to getting swept into the Matrix misery loop, binging on our pain in this huge feast of harvest they are pulling off worldwide. Those who are exiting this energetic need to find the means to Rise through everything they throw at us. And to reach out to others who will need your mentorship and guidance as never before.

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