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A Dark Side of Cupid Roundtable

Love Bite: A Dark Side of Cupid Roundtable (Replay) MP3 Audio

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Is Your Love Life A Target For Inter And Extra Dimensional Interference?

We are honored to present a Rise Roundtable live interactive discussion with cutting edge researchers; Eve Lorgen, Bernhard Guenther, James Bartley and more. They will discuss the covert interference that is affecting millions.

Eve Lorgen is a renowned Author, researcher, therapist and frequent radio show guest on the alternative talk show circuit. Eve is highly respected for her brave work, bringing out a topic few would dare to address. She has gathered a potent team of researchers to lift the veil, on the manipulations on our love relationships.

  • Twin Flame or Love Bite?
    — The question arises whether the soul bonded couple is a true twin flame partnership with multiple alien/demonic interference to sabotage the true love “power and freedom potential”. OR is the relationship a soul programmed, counterfeit soul-mate connection designed to feed vampiric predatory beings, at the expense of the high drama ridden couple?


  • Abduction and Milab/MK Ultra/Occult Patterns in love bite connections: Uses of the sexual energy/psi powers. Programming via sexual bonding of pre-determined love partners? This  happens in multigenerational illuminati bloodline families and sometimes in milabs and ritual abuse victims. When milab Handlers are love bite set ups.
  • Targetting and Harassment of Truth Seeking and Truth Tellers via “Love Bites”. True Twin Flame partnerships sabotaged or disrupted before the couple can even meet or consummate their connection.
  • Healing, Clearing and Love Relationship Rescue: Is it possible?
  • Holographic Kinetics clearing of “entities”, programs. Spirit Releasement modalities.
  • Trauma resolution, inner empathy and relationship communication skills.
  • Discernment of safe relationships and “identifying reptilian/demonic hosts” before you get involved in a “Dark Cupid” relationship.
  • Realistic Healing and Recovery Issues.
  • Twin Flame or Love Bite: Supernatural Considerations to understand and heal the Gender Rift.
  • Article “Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love Bite?”

Viewer Expectation:

Our events are held in webinar conference centers. These are different to conventional webinars, which are more of a passive experience. While internet connections of the servers and of the individual panellists are beyond our control, every effort possible is made to uphold the highest quality for recordings.

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