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Shadow Synthesis I - "At Your Own Pace" (Course)

Shadow Synthesis I - "At Your Own Pace" (Course)


  • Mentor: Sienna Lea,
  • ContentVideo/Audio Modules, Written Addendums & Bonus Content
  • Publisher: Sienna Lea
  • Presentation: Course
  • Enrollment: Start/Resume Any Time.
  • Language: English


  • Start Anytime
  • Video/Audio Presentations
  • Extensive Libraries & Exercises
  • Free Copy of the Stealing The Moon eBook Included


Moving Through Shadow Synthesis 1 At Your Own Pace

If at first, you would prefer to start on your own and at your own pace great! Here is your point of entry. I understand that you may not be ready to share your shadow aspects of self with others at this point in your life. Or perhaps showing up live simply does not work with your schedule at present. That’s fine. If this changes you can move into a group at some future point. No problem. This material will give you deep insights into what shadow is, how it impacts your life, and the bigger picture of how it fits into humanities urgent need for metamorphosis.

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    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sienna Lea, woman author, once a psychologist in the system, now a mid-wife augmenting soul alchemy I call Shadow Synthesis to birth a New Humane reality of care and embodied conscience. I have worked for 50 years diligently engaging in New Paradigm projects and communities. Through all this I have come to realize that to truly birth a reality of embodied love and equality we must first transmute all that would sabotage this agenda residing within each of us. I am keen to share all I know including the transformational organic process of correction given to me by phenomenal mentors and Our Sacred Mother Planet herself.

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