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Sienna Lea

Sienna Lea (Private Sessions)



  • Time Zone:
    Bogata Time.

  • Special Offer For 1 Hour Sessions
    Use coupon "SIENNAMENTOR" for a discounted session for $50.
    (1 time per person)

  • Special Offers For Packages:
    Sessions are discounted to $80 each.
    Includes FREE Enrollment to the course Shadow Synthesis Part 1: At Your Own Pace (worth $150).

  • Booking Notifications:
    You'll be contacted by the Mentor directly within 24 hours of the appointment containing all relevant information.




Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sienna Lea, woman author, once a psychologist in the system, now a mid-wife augmenting soul alchemy I call Shadow Synthesis to birth a New Humane reality of care and embodied conscience. I have worked for 50 years diligently engaging in New Paradigm projects and communities. Through all this I have come to realize that to truly birth a reality of embodied love and equality we must first transmute all that would sabotage this agenda residing within each of us. I am keen to share all I know including the transformational organic process of correction given to me by phenomenal mentors and Our Sacred Mother Planet herself.

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Helping Individuals fix the unfixable has been the theme of my work your years and this summer new tools have emerged that I am very excited to share. Recent developments have shifted my work exponentially. Shadow work is a double edged sword. Every tool seems to have a down side, so does shadow work. I have been working diligently researching why so many keep looping endlessly, and I can truthfully say new perspectives are now emerging to break our stay at the inner work prison of endless self-introspection.

What controls us hidden in our Shadowland must be made conscious if we are going to Rise beyond our trauma based mind control and PTSD. Warning!!! Our shadows tie us to endless re cycling of limiting behaviors and outcomes. Our triggers keep us reacting to the present as though it were the past, and our bodies and ego are not prepared to abandon all this easily. There’s the rub!!

If you are still reading this you most likely are stuck somewhere down some black hole of looping negativity perpetuated by habitual thoughts and feelings that do not serve you.

And more than likely you probably have worked on yourself using a number of approaches. Most of them tend to bring some positive result and most last, well, for a while.

If the overall terrain of your inner landscape is still manifesting outcomes of scarcity, lack, loss, limitation, pain and suffering, you might consider Shadow Synthesis 2.0.

All Shadow Work Is Not The Same

So then, Shadow work can be one of the tools for soul retrieval and liberation or it can be a total trap. Our bodies and egos are programmed through years of massive attack trauma and distortion. We have made forced agreements with our controllers. Trauma and clever interference has kept us tied to our abusers.

Our bodies and emotional self are booby trapped to re cycle us within the web of the Matrix control grid. Breaking these programs is super tricky, a Multi-dimensional Soul retrieval rescue mission in the midst of a Cosmic Battlefield. It is laced with Spirit traps as even after we leave the body we can get trapped.

Most of the traps are hiding in our blind spots. This was all very cleverly engineered and it takes a Multi-dimensional Sherlock Holmes to find the codes and unlock the many layers of entrapment we all carry. It takes Source connection and a highly advanced intuitive capacity. And big help from Home.

If you are ready to deconstruct the inner prison and free yourself from the interference that amplifies your habitual non-productive patterning, if you are ready to embody your real pure and Sovereign self you might wish to book a private session or a private session series and take this all to the next level.

So What Is Gonna Go On In These Private Sessions?

You will for starters not be put into a box or made to see the world my way. I am here to get where you are coming from and what of all my tools and techniques resonates with your soul traps and your needs right now. Holding a zero point neutral space for you to open and emerge is the first step. Out of this process trust is build, gradually and when you feel safe enough the contents of your shadows and concerns flow up to the surface and the journey begins. These new methods are super fast and effective making the endless inner work process no longer a life time project.

I have been an intuitive for many years and my super powers are growing daily. I bring myself and My team of home-Sourced based guidance to you. Together with you we unlock the key shadows you carry and support you as you reboot your being, to restore your Souls purpose and your divine blueprint.

No two people are alike. You will receive specific self-help tools and techniques that resonate with your organic design to maximize results. We will map out a path of freedom for you by looking multi-dimensionally for how your shadows are being amplified through ...

... Implants, Entities, Interference, Forced Agreements, Attachments, Ancestral Unresolved trauma, early child hood trauma, past life trauma, mind control weapons, programs, parental contracts, egos distortion and off world manipulation ...

and more.

Private Shadow Synthesis Sessions unite psychological shadow revealing with clearing the massive interference we are being bombarded with daily. I will offer the most advanced and effective tools I have found leaving you to discern from within what is right for you. All these techniques are self-help tools you learn and can use on your own or with your family and others.

I have had the greatest success utilizing ...

  • The Quantum Feeling States of Animation
    To carefully and gently surface the contents of your feeling self and subconscious. The intent here is to process shadows without becoming overwhelmed in pain and suffering. These amazing exercises are dearly loved by my students because it allows the surfacing and sharing of deep shadows bringing them out of default setting status. It allows you to master your emotional triggers and no longer loop in self-sabotaging behaviors and states of being.

  • Shadow Synthesis
    A conglomerate of many approaches I have discovered over decades to face our shadows and bring all parts of our being into wholeness resolution and loving Synthesis.

  • True Quantum Healing
    The work of Chris Kehler that uses direct source connection to remove interference and speed healing and Soul restoration.

  • Kryahgenetics
    The work of Laura Lee Mistycah employs Magick to free ourselves from curses and many, many forms of manipulation used by the Matrix controllers to keep us trapped. We can remove all sorts of A. I. and many overlays on our organic design, including the removal of your Astral Body.

If you are interested in doing this kind of inner work but feel shy to be seen by others a series of private sessions might be a better fit than joining our ongoing Shadow Synthesis community right away.

Being seen, heard and felt by others for who we are and what your truth is, is one of our deepest needs but it is also one of our greatest fears. In this world so controlled by the dark side it has been dangerous to open ourselves to vulnerability and heart expression.

I am a proponent of doing this work in community, but I realize for many this is just too far a stretch right out the gate. If this resonates please consider a series of private sessions. You can add the powerful dynamic energy enhancing group anytime you are ready.

In This Session you will begin clearing implants entities and more to bring immediate relief. You will also have ample time to connect get all your questions answered and get up to speed about what you can expect from doing this work.

I Am Also Discounting the price of private sessions when taken in packages. Please browse the possibilities below to see what might be right for you.

I Suggest you book the initial one time private session for $50 to get started. These sessions are usually one hour or more.

Then If You Feel called to continue you can book a package of private sessions to suit your needs.

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