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Pet And Adult Interference Removal

The Etheric Healing Series Part 1: Pet And Adult Entity/Interference Removal (Workshop) MP3 Audio

$30.00 USD

Before purchasing this workshop replay, you must have already completed an etheric implants removal session with Lynn. To contact Lynn and book a session please visit her Mentor page.

  • Featuring: Lynn Williams
  • Presentation: Workshop
  • Length: 1 Hour 14 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 Audio 128k Stereo
  • File Size: 68.6mb

'The Etheric Healing Series'

... are Advanced Workshops designed to take the skills participants have learned in their previous Etheric Entity Removal session with Lynn to the next level of application.

Having worked with over 1100 heavily etherically-implanted individuals and having taught over 175 people how to keep themselves etherically implant and entity free, Lynn is now ready to share with you what she has learned in these powerful healing workshops. These techniques will help you take command of and positively affect critical areas of yours and your loved ones’ lives.


In Part 1 of the Etheric Healing Series, Lynn Williams helps us expand our skills learned from our previous Etheric Implant Removal session taught to us by her.  In the first half of this class, Lynn teaches us the various techniques needed to clear etheric entities and interference from our pets or other animals.  In the second half of this class, Lynn discusses how to work with and clear etheric entities and interference from adults close to us, who, for a variety of reasons, may not willing or able to learn implant removal themselves at this time.

Lynn walks us through, in step-by-step fashion, the techniques needed so that we can immediately begin clearing our pets and loved ones on our own.  Additionally, she answers follow-up questions from the audience who attended the live class.

Viewer Expectation:

Our events are held in webinar conference centers. These are different to conventional webinars, which are more of a passive experience. While internet connections of the servers and of the individual panellists are beyond our control, every effort possible is made to uphold the highest quality for recordings.

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