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The Knights Training Academy: Class 1 - Unplugging – The Key To Self-Empowerment! (Workshop) MP4 Video

The Knights Training Academy: Class 1 - Unplugging – The Key To Self-Empowerment! (Workshop) MP4 Video

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  • FeaturingLaura Lee Mistycah
  • Presentation: Workshop
  • Length: 2 Hours 6 Minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP4 Video H.265 720p
  • File Size: 1.91gb



In this crazy reality we live in, with people, places and things pulling us in every direction, and along with traumas from the past rising up to haunt us, it is hard to maintain sanity, let alone balance!

This class will help you maintain sanity and keep your balance while giving you more tools to put in your “How to Navigate Earth Life” tool box!

Besides learning some really easy and effective methods of unplugging from stresses and trauma, we will also learn how to utilize our "X-Men" abilities as a group and put events into motion.

We will be literally focusing all of our collective power as a group to blasting and neutralizing opposing energies and entities that are sabotaging our mission here on planet Earth!

If you have a specific situation that you feel is interfering with your progress and needs blasting from your life, make a note of it and bring it to this class. We will collaborate with you on that goal.

This class is truly part of Kryahgenetics, the “Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy” part!


  • Drop the tissue  (Exercise).
  • Count Down to -0-  (Exercise).
  • Rewiring Brain - (Exercise - New Method).
  • Center laser focus – Group lock launch blast!  (Exercise).
  • The SYL & UYL protocol.
  • Recorded Audience Q&A​.

  • Bonus: Have A Deep Conversation With Your Brain Document.
*Prerequisites do not apply but are advised. See Overview.




The Knights Training Academy

Rise Multiversity is delighted to host Laura Lee Mistycah’s “Knights Training Academy”. This is an accelerated program for you to shine up your armor and get ready to have your X-Men abilities turned on.

These classes will aid you in connecting to and comprehending your True Soul Essence. The Knights training will give you the tools and help you to develop the skill sets to complete your mission and reason for coming to Earth. This is the first time Laura Lee Mistycah has put her classes online. She is joining forces with Rise Multiversity to advance your ability to stay stabilized, centered, sane and effective as you Rise and co-create the next human genome, complete with its upgraded divine blueprint.

Knights In Training ... Begin Your Quest.

See Full Academy Information & Live Dates For Future Classes.


The Knights Training Academy: Prerequisites




Laura Lee has studied and taught for decades as a ghost buster and Weird Sh*t expert bringing her brilliant skills as an “intuitive scanner” to finally uncover aspects of psychic targeting that I have never experienced with any other person I have ever met.

She has honed her intuitive skills for over 20 years of daily work surfing the worlds to retrieve soul aspects of herself and others, trapped in dimensions we have not known about. I have spent the summer working with her on my students and on myself and I am very impressed and encouraged that this collaboration will bring healing that has not been available until now.

See Mentor Page.

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