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Your Awakening Magical Self (Replay)

Your Awakening Magical Self (Replay) MP3 Audio

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  • Featuring: Perry Mills
  • Hosted By: Sienna Lea
  • Presentation: Webinar
  • Length: 2 Hours 8 Minutes Approx
  • Language: English
  • Format: MP3 Audio 192k Stereo
  • File Size: 172mb

Viewer Expectation:

Our events are held in webinar conference centers. These are different to conventional webinars, which are more of a passive experience. While internet connections of the servers and of the individual panellists are beyond our control, every effort possible is made to uphold the highest quality for recordings.

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It is totally understandable to struggle with the idea that we are part of the Divine, while we are also continually told that we are lowly, incapable and unworthy. That incapability is in our understanding, not in our worthiness. And for many reasons, that fact has been held away from the general masses, with the consequence that not too many people ever become empowered or ennobled. Let us now start to gain the understanding that could bridge the gap between our normal state of beliefs and our actual divine heritage. That heritage is not some righteous exclusivity, carried like some banner of supremacy to wave over the heads of the un-chosen "ordinary people.” That heritage is actually our natural and magical state when not hypnotized or co-opted by the drone of indoctrinating belief systems both religious and cultural.

In this talk, we will be pointing out many blatant contradictions between the rhetoric of the "new age" and the actual reality of the "timeless" nature of consciousness and enlightenment.

As we describe in depth, a magical dimension of Life that exists outside of time and space referencing, we will connect the dots that describe a more exalted picture of your natural self. We will show you that you can know what it feels like to be at once divine and happily human.

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